Sofahund paintings

sport harness Y sport Y
harness for sighthounds for sport activities
  • Y harness - for maximal free movement
  • special form for sighthounds and dogs with deep chest and small waist: the adjustable part of the harness around the chest/waist is placed more in back towards the waist. So the dog cannot slip out of the harness.
  • 2 rings to fasten the lead
  • 4,5cm width 3D padding of soft and breathable textile
  • 3cm width strap in different bright colours - just ask what is on stock!
  • strap around the chest/waist is adjustable
  • no clips on the shoulder part of the harness to avoid any bruise
  • V form of the strap under the belly - the strap going between the front legs opens in a V versus the waist to prevent that the strap shifts
  • fix length of the hole harness
  • Softshell lining, gentle for the hairs
  • 5 different sizes from Whippet to Deerhound

harness Pink
harness Saluki
harness Red

dark blue size M1, pink size M2, purple size S2
light green: bottom with V form, light blue: top side clip underlaid with textile strap

harness for whippets red
harness for Whippet light green
harness for Pharao Hound
harness for Azawakh

colour red
the front with typical Y form and free shoulders
Pharao Hound with colour light blue
well-fitting harness for Azawakh with narrow front, deep chest and slim waist
Regenmantel, Windhundmantel, Regen, Mantel, Windhund, Azawakh, Afghane, Sloughi, Saluki, Greyhound, Whippet, Galgo espanol, Italienisches Windspiel, Deerhound, Irischer Wolfshund, Barsoi, Chart Polski, Tazi, Taigan, Rhodesian Ridgback, Dalmatiner, Boxer, Dobermann
size length of back
breeds as sample colours price
S2 45 Whippet Pink, Light blue, Dark blue, Light green, Red, Khaki EUR 39,00
S3 50 Whippet Light blue, Dark blue, Light green, Khaki EUR 40,00
M1 55 Saluki, Galgo etc Purple, Dark Blue, Light green EUR 41,00
M2 60 Saluki, Galgo etc Red, Pink, Dark blue, Light green EUR 43,00
L1 65 Greyhound etc Red, Light blue, Dark blue, Light green EUR 45,00
harness size table

If you are not sure about the size please contact me!