Sofahund paintings

velvet velvet
harness for sighthounds with softshell lining
  • Norwegian harness - easy to put on with only one closure
  • Softshell lining, gentle for the hairs
  • decorative velvet ribbon with reflectiv strips
  • clipp closer on the left side
  • the closure is underlaid and will be led thru a loop, so it will not press and not slip
  • colour of softshell and webbing is black
  • velvet ribbon in dark blue or bordeaux available
  • 2 rings to fasten the lead
  • circumference of chest is adjustable
  • fix breast part
  • 6 different sizes from Whippet to Deerhound

velvet velvet velvet velvet

six different sizes Softshell lining clipp closure, led thru the loop underlaid clipp closed

velvet velvet velvet velvet

position of the harness, when the dog is pulling the front Whippet size well-fitting harnesse with Pharaohounds
Regenmantel, Windhundmantel, Regen, Mantel, Windhund, Azawakh, Afghane, Sloughi, Saluki, Greyhound, Whippet, Galgo espanol, Italienisches Windspiel, Deerhound, Irischer Wolfshund, Barsoi, Chart Polski, Tazi, Taigan, Rhodesian Ridgback, Dalmatiner, Boxer, Dobermann
ize max. circumferenz of chest
fix front part
breeds price
1 52 35 Whippet EUR 34,50
2 60 40 Whippet
3 68 45 Saluki, Galgo etc
4 76 50 Saluki, Galgo etc
5 84 55 Greyhound etc
6 92 60 Barzoi, Deerhound etc

If you are not sure about the size please contact me!