Sofahund paintings

correct measurement
of the back for sighthound coats


To find the correct size of a sighthound coat for your dog,
please measure the back of your dog in this way:

Measurements are taken from the shoulder blades, which is the base of the neck, to take the tape measure along the stine to the root of the tail (where the tail meets the body). Do not measure up the neck it will give you an incorrect measurement fot the coat.

Sighthound coats are specially made for the tipical sighthound body.
For Whippets the back is formed in a bow, for the biger breeds (in the size table mentioned as Greyhound size) the back is flater. This is why the smalest Greyhound size 56 cm (22') is smaler than the biggest Whippet size (23').

If you are not sure about the correct size,
I will advice you, or also send a coat to try out.