Sofahund paintings

coloured walking muzzle
  • light plastic muzzle
  • very deep
  • very broad also in front
  • solid
  • very confortable because of the plain bottom
  • one size fitts all
  • adjustable neck leather strap
  • closed on the botton and in front preventing the dog from eating rubbish and leaking wounds
  • good alternative to the protectiv collars for insured dogs
  • with leather nose guard
  • available in the following colours: Black, White, Silver-Grey, Red, Navy, Light Blu, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange, Brown, Lime Green, Gold, Dark Green, Lilac and Teal
    the colour of the leather changes!

colours lassie

Yellow - Pink - Teal - Lime Green
Orange - Lilac - Light Blue - Brown
Red - Purple - Dark Blue - Black

lassie front

lassie violett lassie violett

Silver-Grey Gold

lassie green lassie schwarz weiss

Dark Green
Black, White



Greyhound on World Championship Racing 2006
tall Saluki dog  

lassie lassie  

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog female with lassie adapted (without chin band) Galga with lassie  

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depth: 13,0 cm
large: 7,5 cm
long (basket): 9,0 cm
long (bowes): 12,0 cm

extension for the neck strap: for Afghan dogs, Borzoi, etc. (sighthounds with more than 27cm length of head), or for dogs with long or a lot of hairs, like long haired Collies, or for dogs with broad head

lassie langer Riemen
lassie langer Riemen

extra strap - 25cm
stardard strap- 13cm

lassie with extra strap - max. 38cm

how to measure the dogs head


strap price
lassie EUR 17,00
extra strap EUR 1,00

If you are not sure about the size please contact me!