Sofahund paintings

extra light weight wire greyhound muzzle
  • weight between 38 and 48 gramm!
  • extremly light weigth and elegant muzzle
  • very deep chest
  • super quality 1.25mm steinlass steel
  • spring tempered wire and soldered with 34% silver content solder on all wire crossover points
  • adjustable head, nose and neck bands made of coloured PVC plastic coated wire
  • very easy to put and to strap over the head without buckles
  • the nose is free to snuffle
  • 17 different sizes
    • 2 sizes for Italien Greyhounds, Miniature Pinscher
    • 3 sizes for Whippets
    • 9 sizes large sighthound breeds - with 3 or 5 horizontal wires
    • 1 size for very large Borzoi or Deerhound
    • 2 sizes for Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes, ecc

the form is from the Australian model

Italien Greyhound, Miniature Pinscher, Papillon u.a.

paris für Italienische Windspiele paris für Italienische Windspiele
paris für Zwergpinscher Prague Ratter

Italien Greyhounds

4 sizes:

individual adapted side parts:

paris für Italienische Windspiele mini - sold out
IG small (orange)
IG medium (black) - sold out
IG large (blue)
paris für Zwergpinscher paris für Zwergpinscher

narrow broad

Whippet, Fox Terrier, medium size breeds, small Saluki - total length of head 18-22 cm

paris für Whippet paris für Whippet

Dévaj Pegazus and Probaxon Ashton with size WH large small Saluki bitch

3 sizes:

paris Whippet WH small (red)
WH medium (black)
WH large (white)
new form!!!

GH sizes for large sighthounds, Poodle Standard, Collies, Malinois and others -
total length of head 23-33 cm
2 versions!

Afghan bitch with size GH black

Greyhound with size GH white

2 versions:

version 3w:
3 horizontal wires

extra light version for leasure time
version 5w:
5 horizontal wires

tougher version for sport

9 GH sizes: from orange to green

GH orange - black - brown
GH blue - white - purple
GH red - yellow - green

BA size for Deerhounds or very large Borzoi - very long and fine head

muzzle for Borzoi
muzzle for Deerhound or Borzoi
borzoi XXL

large Borzoi bitch
view from front

large Borzoi male

IW sizes for Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes and other - total length of head min. 28cm, broad heads

paris für Irish Wolfhound paris für Irish Wolfhound paris für Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound male with
size IW large
Great dane Great dane male Louise with size IW small

paris Irish Wolfhound paris IW:
meticulously handmade
from high quality spring tempered, stainless steel wire 1.75mm and flat soldered crossover points

individual adjustments of the side parts:

paris Irish Wolfhound American Staffordshire Terrier mix
size: IW small

the side parts bend and adapted to the broad form of the head

2 sizes:

paris Irish Wolfhound
GH green largest GH size

IW small
for Irish Wolfhound femals, big German Shepherd, Great Danes

IW large for Irish Wolfhound males

individual adjustment of the bends (possible with every size)

paris Irish Wolfhound

how to adapt the neck band:

1) push the plastic back

2) adapt the length of the wire bending the wire with a pincer and push the plastic down again

paris Irish Wolfhound


sizes, measures and price

size length width depth
"sighthound size" breeds i.e.

EUR 28,00
IG small
10,0 cm ca 5,0 cm 8,0 cm ca 9,0 cm Italian Greyhound
mini Pinscher

IG large
13,0 cm
9,0 cm ca 12,0 cm

EUR 28,00
WH small
15,5 cm ca. 5,5 cm 9,5 cm ca 14,5 cm Whippet
WH medium 17 cm
11,2 cm ca 16,0 cm

WH large
19 cm
11,7 cm ca 17,5 cm


EUR 28,00
GH orange 20,3 cm 7,0-8,0 cm 12,5 cm 18,5 cm Saluki female

GH blu 20,9 cm

19,0 cm

GH red 21,5 cm

19,5 cm Saluki male
Afghan female

GH black
22,3 cm

20,0 cm

GH white 22,8 cm
13,0 cm 20,5 cm

GH yellow
23,5 cm

21,5 cm

GH brown 24,3 cm

22,0 cm Afghan male

GH purple
24,8 cm

22,5 cm

GH green 25,3 cm

23,5 cm

Borzoi & IW

EUR 43,00
BA 26 cm 10 cm 17 cm 24-27cm Borzoi XXL

IW small
25 cm 11 cm 17 cm 22-26cm
Irish Wolfhound

IW large
30 cm
20 cm 27-31cm Irish Wolfhound

sighthound size: top of the nose to the jawbone (side length):
Maulkorb paris richtig messen

total length of the head:

How to measure the dogs head

If you are not sure about the size please contact me!