Sofahund paintings

white, black or clear muzzle, not for sighthounds
with feed protection

  • light muzzle made of very robust plastic
  • 3 variations:
    white or black - made of high density polyethelene, light weight (size 3 only120gr.) SHARPEABLE
    clear - made of flexible vinyl, soft and very strong (size 4 is 206 gr.) (slight smell)
  • very deep cut until nose side
  • no long side bares
  • broad straps of reinforced neopren/nylon with Zinc die cast, 3/4" nickel plated buckle to be closed behind the ears
  • no sharp rims
  • nose protection of neopren
  • rivets that are flat on both sides (inner and outer side)
  • no injures of the teeth possible (as with some wired muzzles)
  • your dogs can pant, bark and drink (water flows thru the holes into the muzzle if there is enough water in the bowl)
  • superior craftsmanship and quality made in USA - THE ORIGINAL

  • prevents from feeding poisen
  • prevents from licking of wounds or poison
  • very comfortable while sleeping because the muzzle is flat at the under side

  • appropriate for aggressive dogs and problem dogs (trainiers, veterinarians)
  • appropriate for working dogs  - police, K9 - "Stossmaulkorb"

  sizes 0 bis 5
  seattle JAFCO seattle maulkorb  
  sizes 0 bis 5    
  seattle maulkorb seattle maulkorb seattle maulkorb
  front top nose protection of neopren, rivets on both sides flat
all sizes in White and Black available
  JAFCO JAFCO seattle maulkorb
  white plastic:
shapeable (here size 5)
muzzle with hairdryer (hot air) heat up until the material ins flexible, then press in form and cool down.
clear version: flexible, soft, strong vinyl (form not adaptable)
  size 3, clear
(Pattertale Terrier)
size 2, white
size 5, clear

  size and measueres

size debth
long circumferenc of the muzzle
breeds as sample

price white

price black

price clear

6 cm 5 cm 5,5 cm 18 cm Chihuahua EUR 33 EUR 35 EUR 41
8 cm 6,5 cm 7 cm 23 cm Manchester Terrier
8,5 cm 7,5 cm 8 cm 26 cm Beagle
10 cm 8 cm 8,5 cm 30cm Golden Retriever
12,5 cm 9 cm 12 cm 36 cm Riesenschnauzer
15 cm 11,5 cm 11 cm 43 cm Deutsche Dogge

Rottweiler small EUR 48 -- --

Rottweiler large EUR 48 EUR 50 EUR 57

additional treat hole: + EUR 3,00

The measures of the depth and broad are relative, because the white and black seattle can be formed and adapted to the form of the head of the dog.

breed table from JAFCO
I recommend to measure your dog in any case. Some breeds are today bigger than in the table.

For sighthounds this muzzle does not fit.

Ho to measure

If you are not sure about the size, just feel free to contact me!