Sofahund paintings

large racing muzzle
  • The Original Australian Plastic (Nylon) Muzzle
  • very light nylon/plastic muzzle
  • very deep basket
  • 6 sizes for large sighthounds (specially fine also for narrow heads)
  • 3 sizes for Whippet
  • should be re-moulded to fit the exact shape of any dog's head: dip in hot water, re-shape and holf in cold water!

this muzzle is approved by the FCI for racing and coursing (= australian modell)
only for racing and coursing dogs!

all 6 sizes for Greyhounds front back

   sizes small and large for Whippets skippy Whippet from side Greyhound with size Red

sizes and measures

size length1 length2 debth width "sighthound size"
breeds i.e. price
WH yellow 20 cm 24 cm 9 cm 4,5 cm - 5,5 cm
medium Whippet EUR 20,00
WH blue 25 cm large

GH yellow 23 cm 27,5 cm 13 cm 5,5 cm - 7cm 22,5-25,0 kg Saluki bitch
GH blue 28,5 cm 25,0-27,5 kg
GH white 29,5 cm 27,5-30,0 kg Saluki dog
GH red 30,5 cm 30,0-32,5 kg
GH green 32 cm 32,5-35,0 kg Afghan dog
GH black 33,5 cm 35,0-37,5 kg Barzoi, Deerhound

The size of this muzzle differs in the lengthof the neck bands. The measures of the basket is identic for all sizes.
lenght1: lenght of the basket
lenght2: lenght including the neck band, measured with min. width

How to measure the dogs head

If you are not sure about the size please contact me!