Sofahund paintings

plastic racing muzzle in different colours
  • firm and light weight plastic muzzle
  • basket very deep
  • adjustable via the neck strap (leather)
  • perfect air circulation
  • thout sharp brims
  • no danger to the teeth also when you dog is very strong on the lure
  • the front plasic prevents the dog from eating rubbish
  • good alternativ to the protectiv collars for insured dogs
  • very confortable because of the plain bottom
  • available in 3 sizes for large breeds as Greyhounds and 2 sizes for Whippet and 1 size for Italian Greyhound
  • available in the following colours: Black, Green, Red, Orange, Navy, Blu, Purple, Marron
    size IG: Black, Red, Green, Orange, Navy, Blue, Black and Yellow

protects on sand racing track from the sand!

toledo is approved by the FCI for racing and Coursing (= american modell)

WH sizes for Whippets, GH sizes for the large sightound breeds

Saluki dog with size Greyhound XXL Whippet bitch with muzzle size Whippet 13 Fox Terrier with muzzle
size Whippet 15

Red, Marron, Navy,
Orange, Purple, Blue,
Black, Black (soft material), Green
toledo toledo Parson Russell
  size Greyhound XXL black - soft sided Parson Russell Terrier Sugus
with size Whippet 15

version for Italien Greyhounds and other small breeds
  only 20gr
1 size
with very soft nose guard
toledo IG toledo IG

toledo IG toledo IG toledo IG

Italien Greyhound
Chinese Crested Powder Puff
  toledo Whippet - IG
  size XXL, 1, 2, 13 size WH 13 - IG


sizes and measures

size depth large long colours "sighthound size" prices
IG 6 cm 4,5 cm 7 cm please ask which colours are in stock Italian Greyhound EUR 28,00
Whippet 13 8,5 cm 6,0 cm 9,0 cm till 13,5 kg
Whippet 15 8,8 cm 6,2 cm 9,0 cm 13,5-18 kg
Greyhound 2 9,5 cm 6,8 cm 10,0 cm 20-25 kg
Greyhound 1 10,5 cm 7,0 cm 11,0 cm 25-30 kg
Greyhound XXL 12,0 cm 8,0 cm 11,0 cm over 30 kg

how to measure your dog

If you are not sure about the size please contact me!

--> or have a look at this youtube video how to find the suitable size of toledo