Sofahund paintings
Saluki bitch witth size 4
coursing stretchvests sweden
  • made of soft elastic fabric (lycra)
  • original swedish cut
  • broad shoulder part specially for slender sighthounds (no slibbing of the small straps)
  • short part on the body, only up to the end of the breastbone (free stomach, easy to put on)
  • only one seam
  • seven different sizes from Italian Greyhound to Irish Wolfhound
  • 2 single Stretchvests in red and white
  • single Stretchvest in blue on demand
  • approved for Coursing by FCI strechvest
strechvest strechvest strechvest strechvest
Stretchvest front
Stretchvest side Stretchvests in white and in red how to put-on the Stretchvests - click on the pics to see the instruction!
strechvest strechvest strechvest
Azawakh with size 5, Whippet with size 3 Irish Wolfhound bitch with size 7 Irish Wolfhound bitch with size 7
size circumference of chest (not stretched) breed price
Set red/white
1 32 cm Italien Greyhound small EUR 28,00
2 40 cm Italien Greyhound, Whippet small
3 48 cm Whippet
4 56 cm Whippet Sprinter, Salukibitch EUR 32,00
5 60 cm Saluki, Azawakh
6 66 cm Afghan Hound, Greyhound, Deerhoundbitch EUR 35,00
7 84 cm Deerhound, Barzoi, Irish Wolfhound

For a good fitting of the stretchvest, the material can be streched up to 10cm.

If you are not sure about the size please contact me!