Saluki male charly
large coursing muzzle
  • very light large plastic muzzle
  • very deep
  • fine-meshed basket
  • confortable because of the plain bottom
  • one size fitts all
  • adjustable leather neck strap
  • 5 colors: white, black, red, yellow, light blue
charly charly charly charly
from the side from the bottom the front from above
English Pointer charly schwarz charly schwarz charly schwarz
English Pointer in black in white and black in red, yellow and light blue
measures and form (on the picture modell rocky I)

depth: 12,0 cm
large: 8,0 cm behinde, 5,5 cm in front
length (basket): 8,0 cm
length (bowes): 13,0 cm

for all large sighthounds till Deerhound!

one size  EUR 20,00

how to measure

If you are not sure about the size please contact me!

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